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Fran McEvoy, RPQ

Registered Psychotherapist (Q)


I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Q) and a member of the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario. I work with adults 18 years of age and older through individual psychotherapy sessions both in person and virtually through a legislatively approved platform.

Through a practical and strength-based framework, I will support you with an empowering, self-compassionate approach that provides validation and support. I will guide you towards your therapeutic goals and an overall improvement in mental health and wellbeing. My practice is client-centered. I believe no two stories are the same, with this in mind each session will be designed to meet your unique needs.

By creating a safe and compassionate space where you can share your story without fear of judgment we will work together to increase your ability to regulate emotions and reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

Within the framework of our therapeutic relationship, I will help you understand the difference between feelings and thoughts, assist you to discover insight to moods and identify and heal past wounds that impact your life today. We will uncover unhealthy belief systems and explore the behaviour patterns that may be holding you back or keeping you stuck.

With a collaborative approach we will:

  • Restore balance in your life and reduce anxiety

  • Set healthy boundaries and build self-esteem

  • Improve self-awareness and self-development

  • Build healthy relationships with yourself and others

  • Learn coping strategies to reduce overwhelm

  • Feel empowered and manage different perspectives effectively

  • Uncover childhood issues and integrate positive change

  • Build a new “normal” after a life event such as illness, divorce, grief or becoming a new mom

  • Uncover other unmet needs that impact you today

  • Reach other therapeutic goals as your needs change


I can be reached at to book an appointment and I provide a free 20-minute consultation to explore fit prior to setting up an intake. I also offer online video conference sessions through a secure, legislatively approved platform.

Member of the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario - Registration Number: 009017

Fran is a writer for the global mental health platform Thrive Global and you can read her 

contributions here :

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